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What is FSC?

What is an FSC Certified Printer?

FSC printed projects are run using papers that are independently certified to meet Forest Stewardship Council standards and produced by certified printing companies. The standards FSC sets are to ensure the wood and pulp used in the production process are grown, harvested and manufactured to high environmental standards. All parts of the manufacturing process are audited to ensure adherence to these standards. If all of the standards are met, the projects can be considered FSC certified and contain the FSC tree and checkmark logo.

A printed project containing the FSC logo is a better indicator of environmental stewardship than simply using recycled paper with the recycled logo, and makes a stronger, more positive statement about your company or organization. The criteria for use of the recycled logo are vague, at best, and there is no oversight in the use of the logo.

FSC projects are produced in a tightly controlled system. Each part of the manufacturing process, from the forest through the printing company, is certified by independent certifying agencies. The FSC mark is a guarantee materials used in production come from sustainable forests, recycled sources, or a combination of both.

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international organization that has developed principles and criteria to certify forests and forest products. Their goal is to ensure forests are managed in a responsible manner that makes them a truly renewable resource. The standards FSC sets for certification are very stringent. Only companies that are committed to environmental stewardship can attain FSC’s certification. The forest and the manufacturers must go through rigorous independent audits to ensure all of FSC’s criteria are met. In many cases the certification process can take years. Certified companies then need to be re-certified on an annual basis.

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