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Postcard Printing Services


Postcard Printing Services

We print postcards, note cards, door hangers, rack cards, bookmarks and promo cards

Mar+x Myles handles full color commercial postcard printing as well as printing of note cards, door hangers and other promotional cards. Since postcard printing and mailing is inexpensive and quick, postcards, note cards, door hangers and other marketing-type cards are an easy way to spread your message.

Aside from being affordable and fast, other benefits of postcards, note cards, door hangers, rack cards and promo cards include:

  • Designs can be eye-catching, yet economical to produce
  • No envelope to open - recipient can read your message immediately
  • Great for target marketing
  • Versatile. For instance, some designs can be both mailed or distributed by hand - two uses for one card
  • Easy to track

We print cards of all sizes, shapes and styles. Whether you want a one-sided post card, a perforated door hanger or a full color rack card for your point of purchase display.

Our card printing services include:

Bookmark printing

Featuring a long and narrow shape, bookmarks are printed on card stock. Bookmarks are often used by book publishers, but can be used to advertise just about anything. Bookmarks can be printed on one side or both and can be used by the recipient again and again.


Card rack printing

Rack cards are an affordable marketing solution that will keep you in step with your competition. A full color rack card can be an attention-grabbing addition to a point of purchase display. Rack cards are a popular way to advertise hotels and tourist attractions.


Door hanger printing

Door hangers are inexpensive - yet often overlooked - guerilla marketing tools that have a variety of uses. Door hangers allow you to target market your customers in a particular neighborhood. Door hangers are excellent for sales and vote canvassing, appointment reminders, advertising grand openings and distributing menus and coupons. Since recipients have to actually remove the door hanger from their entrance, door hangers are very likely to be read, thus making them a very effective promotional item.


Folded postcards

Folded postcards - also known as double postcards - offer all the benefits of standard postcards with more space to add your message. Folded postcards stand out in the mail and will definitely attract the attention of your audience. Folded postcards are great for soliciting responses. They often include a message and a BRC, coupon, tell-a-friend form or other tear off.


Note card printing

Mar+x Myles prints beautiful corporate note cards for invitations, announcements, seasonal greetings, thank yous or other correspondence. Our note card printing services include various sizing, color, paper, coating, envelope and folding options.


Postcard printing

Postcards pack a powerful promotional punch. We print high-quality postcards of all sizes for every type of company and organization. Postcards are cheap to produce and to mail and can significantly stretch your advertising dollars. A low cost way to test offers, conduct surveys, announce new products and distribute coupons.


Promo card printing

Promo cards are versatile marketing tools to promote your brand and message. Small in size and made of durable paper stock, promo cards can be distributed by hand, by mail, at a point of purchase or in packaging.

When you use our postcard printing services, you can rest assured that we will handle your project with care. We print ALL types of four-color cards including note cards, door hangers, bookmarks, rack cards and more. Tell us your ideas or needs and we can recommend what we think might be best. We are a full-service card printer and our capabilities include:

  • 1 - 8 Color printing
  • Conventional, Digital or Web printing
  • Prepress Services
  • Production

We also feature packaging for special shipment, warehousing near your location and distribution per your request. We'll get your shipment to you when you need it, where you need it.

Please call us today at 1-800-530-6279 x102 for a free estimate of your post card, note card, door hanger, bookmark and other promo card printing needs. We will work with you to understand the nature of your request and provide an estimate within 1 business day. In a rush? Ask about our 24 hour service!

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