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Nearly every person on the planet runs into the situation where they need something to be printed, and on many of these occasions a home printer is not nearly good enough. The creative genius envisions glossy, flawless imaging with bright colors that will catch the attention of whoever is looking at the printed piece. Then, the printer spits out a dull, lifeless work that would put anyone to shame. This need not be the case. When professionalism is what you're after, you may want to consider a custom printer to do the job for you.

Home printing may seem to be more cost effective, as there is no extra payment for labor or design. Of course there is also the theory that you bought the printer, so you might as well use it for more than just average letter printing. The ink appears to last quite long considering the fact that it may be used for homework and office documents and only needs to be refilled every few months. In truth, if the home printer were to be used regularly for design work a lot more ink would be used and one would need to refill a more than twice a month, which would work out to be a lot more expensive. Taking the job to a custom printer may work out cheaper in the end since they have the type of printers made specifically for intricate design jobs.

Then again, finding a custom printer who will do the job the way you want it to be is not always an easy task. Many printers may charge an arm and a leg for a simple print job simply because the client is desperate to have it done. Other issues such as difference of opinion with regards to color, design, shading and many other aspects of the printing process may come into play.

Mar+x Myles offers quality printing services you can trust in. This custom printer understands that deadlines are important and need to be met without any further thought. If your print job is taken to this company, you can rest assured that the final product will be printed, packaged, assembled and delivered on time every time. With another printing company, there may always be the risk that your job will not reach you on time, thus jeopardizing whatever project you need the print job for.

This custom printer specializes in 1- 8 full color printing which means that whatever your needs are, the print job will come out looking absolutely perfect. Mar+x Myles does commercial print types such as brochures, catalogs, direct mail, newsletters, product sheets and event catalogues. Should your needs fall outside of these categories; you can discuss what you would like to have printed with one of the professional consultants.

If you would like to contact Mar+x Myles for a free quote on any job from Corporate Printing to Museum Printing, give them a call on (212) 683-2015 ext. 102 and a professional printing consultant will tell you anything you need to know. 

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