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When you're ready to have a professional presentation or do anything that involves clients and customers as well as printed materials, you would do well to consider having a professional handle your printing. Some hesitate to do this, thinking they can handle their own marketing materials and things like journal printing in-house, since most printers today are very high quality and produce prints that rival those done professionally.

It's true that often you can handle some print jobs on your own and if you have a talent for graphic design and have the equipment that produces quality materials, this may be acceptable. However there are many reasons to consider journal printing that you have done by professionals, especially if you're presenting those to clients and customers or using them in any type of corporate setting.

One thing to consider when it comes to journal printing in-house versus done by a professional is that you want to convince clients and customers that you are a professional company; you cannot do this if your printing is subpar or seems sloppy in any way. When you send your journal printing to a professional, they may be able to offer borderless printing and other services that are not provided by your own printer in your office. This means having the best presentation and the best materials available for you and for your customer or client. 

In some cases you may be finished with your writing and your booklet and simply need journal printing of the finished product, but what if you need help with things like artwork and composition? Having a professional assist you with content can mean really bringing home the points in your booklet so that your customers or clients understand your message. This too is another benefit of professional journal printing, as a professional company can assist you every step of the way. 

Your packaging and binding are also important when it comes to journal printing, and this too is a reason to consider a professional to assist you. Printing your pages on your printer in the office is one thing, but binding your booklets and materials in a way that is presentable and useable to your clients and customers is another matter altogether. A nice cover design and good materials used to make the covers can be important in your journal printing, which is another reason to consider professionals when it's time to send them to print. Since a journal is typically kept for some time, you want to ensure it's presentable, which means a good cover and binding.

Having a professional handle your journal printing can mean the difference in getting and retaining your customers or in having them think you're an amateurish company not worth their consideration. This is vitally important to consider, especially for nonprofits and charities that rely so heavily on donations and outside sources for funds. Outsourcing your journal printing can translate into dollars spent by customers and benefactors so it's worth considering. 

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