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Professional printing is one of the greatest inventions of man. A century ago, reading from printed material, was reserved for clergy and the rich. Advancement, especially during the last fifty years, has seen services escalating drastically. From the period of the Renaissance where hand written scrolls were written and the printing press invented, we have seen the development to digital file formats! Today professional printing specialists must be available, to guide and check each step, from the initial draft of a concept, to the end product. For uninformed individuals, professional printing can be overwhelming and for most of us, it is something we take for granted.

Printing at any scale, must have professional input. The services offered have become an integral part of the mass production industry. With their professional vision, few printing service providers manage to "bridge" the corporate world and nonprofit organizational environments. Marx Myles Corporate and Commercial Printing have individualized their business, to promote and support clients in all professional printing and promotional services. The wide range of services offered by Marx Myles includes printing for upmarket corporations, schools, museums, nonprofit organizations and publishers. Billions of people, in all continents are exposed to professional printing services. Printed material or products are distributed in different forms and for various objectives.

Macro and micro strategic planning is necessary in all decisions regarding the professional printing scenario. Marx Myles offers services that stretch far beyond the expectations of clients. Professional commercial printing involves capital and is usually a company's greatest consumable asset. Budgets for printing can be an adverse figure on a spread sheet in "a blink of the eye". Marx Myles can supply clients with free printing quotes, within forty eight hours and the exact expenditure can be reflected. In board rooms, printing services can be a nightmare if deadlines aren't met. The Marx Myles Team can create a flow-plan to ensure that tasks are printed, assembled, packaged and delivered. Professional printing services will give clients the most value for money in the shortest time frame.

Marx Myles keeps abreast with all latest developments in the printing service industry. Professional specialists implement Digital file formats such as M S Publisher, Adobe Photoshop, Quark and CorelDraw. This team is the printer of choice for cost effective digital, web offset and conventional printing. Mailing services are an integral part of the professional printing industry. Distribution services link clients to all role players, getting pieces to destinations within the shortest given time. Services such as folding and inserting, list maintenance and personalized addressing are one of the final important stages.

Promotional printing reflects and portrays the vision, mission and name of companies, organizations and individuals. Professional services, products and advertising specialties in the form of logos and messages are the first interaction with consumers or interested parties. Marx Myles realizes that this first glance must captivate the viewer immediately or interest will be lost. A wide range of promotional items are available from this professional printer. Elegant executive gifts, high quality business wear, award products and financial accessories can be selected. From luxurious bath robes to classic travel clocks, personalized creations are carried.

Marx Myles website: can be accessed for all information regardingprofessional printing needs. Free offers are available on the site. A Quick contact section can be used where Specialists are available for immediate Contact. Orders can also be made on line.

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